New, select the builder

How to minimize the risks associated with an apartment in a newly built house? Forgive me, for God’s sake, for the inevitable banality! Minimize the risks (which does not mean all of them away) is possible only through conscious choice. Choose, choose, and choose, guided not by emotion, not a realtor courtesy, not pictures in the press… Just the facts! Choosing, we must rely on three key points – constructor, object, realtor kompaniya. Vybiraya builder, consider the reputation of the company, its age (the term action in the market), the presence of completed projects and their characteristics. Do you have the service of the great and powerful internet – search engines, news feeds, blogs, company websites (see the archives, not only that published today), all possible “black lists”… Compare their findings with the findings of others, including experts rynka. Naydite time for “the funny-finding” trip to the already constructed objects (if any), look at forums on these sites… Listen to the voice of reason… And a realtor. Agent is not the developer. * It is, of course, passionately wants you to buy an apartment and bought it through it… But usually has a selection of offers (take it for granted that your real estate agent (agent) from a decent agency). It is worth to go on this company has built facilities (if any), to ask local residents, as construction proceeded and were completed on time if these projects. About the documents that will help you make the right vybor.Po the object, which you have chosen, you can (and should!) Ask the builder, the so-called permits. Depending on the project, the package permits may include the following documents: – The act of choosing the land-lease on the land where construction is carried out, an investment contract, a building permit and design deklaratsiyaochen well, if there is a mortgage facility accreditation. The Bank, as a realtor, very interested, so all was safe. The fact that the purchase of apartments in this building you can get a mortgage in a particular bank or banks, a serious plus. * Lack of accreditation can not be completely reliable and projects, it may be a number of reasons, among them – is banal, the initial stage of the facility, and banks prefer to lend to new buildings constructed no less than 70%. In this case, simply add up the estimates of other factors. On the election of the object and the real estate company at another time will tell… Stay tuned

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